1 Piece, 3 Ways - April 2013
Concert in the Park +

in the Park

Beach Picnic +


Urban Safari +



One sandal can take you everywhere this season, whether you’re going across town or around the globe. The Earthkeepers® Danforth Jute-Wrapped Sandal feels comfortable all day, while reaching new heights of style on a 3” wedge. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Concert in the Park

Top one of this season’s long, fluid skirts with a silky tank. Keep a khaki jacket on hand for when a breeze blows in. The Earthkeepers® Danforth adds extra height to elongate the look, and a leather-trim canvas bag keeps it casual.


Beach Picnic

The strappy Earthkeepers® Danforth Sandal is the perfect partner for this season’s open-weave sweaters. Both give you a light, airy look in neutral tones that work well with denim shorts. Layer the sweater over a swimsuit or tank and add a bandanna at the waist to give it a beachy attitude.


Urban Safari

Explore new colors and patterns this spring, but be sure to pair them with a sandal like the Earthkeepers® Danforth that can hold its own ground. Here, a bold global print shirt and scarf are tamed by a khaki skirt. Socks add a fun, casual twist that anchors the look.

1 Piece, 3 Ways - March 2013
Dockside Date +


Oceanside Patio +


Ice Cream Stand +

Ice Cream


When choosing a spring jacket, think light color, cool fabric. The Earthkeepers® Wharf Jacket in eco-conscious organic cotton meets all the requirements. In crisp white with nautical details, it looks fresh with anything from shorts to cropped pants.

Dockside Date

It's natural to think nautical in spring. But here's a way to mix it up... Start with a classic striped tee then add an unexpected twist, like a printed scarf at the waist instead of a belt. The clean lines of the Earthkeepers® Wharf Jacket pull the whole look together.


Oceanside Patio

Color is key this season, so put together your favorite hues. We took hot yellow denim and cooled it off with a mint tee and white Earthkeepers® Wharf Jacket. A graphic print scarf adds a bright spark of color.


Ice Cream Stand

Playing it cool is easy when you keep colors and layers light. Pair the Earthkeepers® Wharf Jacket with pastel denim jeans, a pale blush silk shirt and tonal jewelry to create a refreshing mix of sherbet tones.

1 Piece, 3 Ways - March 2013
Harborside Lunch +


Last-Minute Plans +


Anytime, Anyplace +



Whether your style is classic, preppy or casual, the Earthkeepers® Classic Unlined Boat Shoe will take you far beyond docks and decks this season. In fresh nautical colors and soft Barefoot leather, it goes from work to weekend, looking great very step of the way.

Harborside Lunch

Mix classic with casual for a look that's completely inspired. Start with the Earthkeepers® Classic Unlined Boat Shoe and dress it up with a fitted skirt and sweater. Keep the look feminine by adding a sleek crossbody bag. For a touch of color that ties it all together, let a casual plaid shirt peek out at the neck and cuffs.


Last-Minute Plans

When you have only minutes to get dressed, think classic with a twist to pull off a fast, great look. We took khaki pants, a trench and added an unexpected animal print shirt and blue Earthkeepers® Classic Unlined Boat Shoes.


Anytime, Anyplace

You can't go wrong with denim for a relaxed, timeless look. This season, wear it a new way—in a mix of different washes. We added even more blue hues with a scarf and the Earthkeepers® Classic Unlined Boat Shoe.

1 Piece, 3 Ways - February 2013
Busy Saturday +


Coffee With Friends +

With Friends

Art Class +



Problem: You don't want to give up style for comfort. Solution: The eco-conscious Earthkeepers® Northport Leather-and-Fabric Oxford. It not only feels light and supportive, but also looks great with everything from skirts to skinny jeans.

Busy Saturday

When you're running around town, sometimes a sandal just won't cut it. Luckily, the lightweight Earthkeepers® Northport Oxford gives you the same relaxed summer style but feels way more comfortable. It looks great with a jean skirt, relaxed top and casual canvas bag that mirrors the natural ReCanvas™ fabric in our footwear.


Coffee With Friends

Printed skinny jeans are a must this season, but finding footwear to finish off the look can be a challenge. The low profile, collapsed style of the Earthkeepers® Northport Oxford makes it a natural choice. Keep the look simple and sporty by wearing a classic tee and cropped jacket.


Art Class

When you feel completely at ease, ideas start to flow. So start with the comfortable Earthkeepers® Northport Oxford and get creative. We like the look of an oversized oxford shirt layered over a tee. Wrap a plaid shirt around your waist to give it shape and a unique accent.

1 Piece, 3 Ways - January 2013
Office Casual Day +

Office Casual Day

Warm Weather Day +

Warm Weather Day

Free-Spirited Weekend +

Free-Spirited Weekend

The Mix Master

Sometimes the right footwear takes an outfit from standard to stand out. The Earthkeepers® Apley Boot answers the call by adding an unexpected touch to dresses and shorts. Crafted in leather and canvas, it’s a little rugged yet still feminine and lightweight to take you right through spring. This is a boot you’ll definitely want in your mix.

Office Casual Day

It’s tempting to reach for jeans, but you can feel comfortable without sacrificing style. Contrast a soft sweater dress with the Earthkeepers® Apley boot then carry the look through with a menswear shirt and leather belt. For an unexpected touch, let your socks peek out of the boot tops.


Warm Weather Day

When days heat up, you don’t have to put away your boots. We’ve paired them with relaxed shorts and a breezy shirt to take you well into spring. The boots’ clean lines and lightweight canvas uppers are right in sync with the trend.


Free-Spirited Weekend

Wispy long dresses are essential this season. But not everyone wants to look super feminine all the time. So we’ve added a broken-in denim jacket and the Earthkeepers® Apley boot to toughen up the look in a way that’s, well, pretty hot.

1 Piece, 3 Ways - January 2013
Boutique Hopping +

Boutique Hopping

Afternoon Downtown +

Afternoon Downtown

Weekend with Friends +

Weekend with Friends

Layer it On

In between seasons, every woman needs a versatile layer like this. Soft, casual and relaxed, the Earthkeepers® Portsmouth Parka will become an essential part of your outfit, even when you just toss it on. Wear it any way you want, but we love it over skinny pants or a dress.

Boutique Hopping

Knowing how to layer is an art form. Hint: think outside the box by wearing two shirts over each other for a unique look. Then reach for an oversized parka to top it off. A pair of plush suede boots keeps the look feminine while taking it up a notch.


Afternoon Downtown

The mood is relaxed, so start with a soft printed pant and complementary printed top. The parka adds a final layer of color and texture that pulls the entire look together.


Weekend with Friends

Go long over lean, loose over fitted. Cinch the oversized parka at the waist to add some curves. It all adds up to a sporty, athletic-inspired look. Make sure you choose classic colors so you can play with accessories, whether it’s a visor, sunglasses or a sparkly gold necklace.